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  • This stand was designed using over 25 years of experience assembling and wiring control panels.

  • Most shops we have visited have used cobbled together panel stands using wooden 2X4s or saw horses.

  • The overhead LED light provides plenty of bright light to see what you're working on.

  • The overhead wire spool holder keeps wire handy, off the floor and clean.

  • Foldable table keeps drawings and tools nearby.

  • Upper mounting uni-strut can be quickly removed, mounted to a sub-panel or enclosure and then rehung onto stand.

  • Bottom angle bracket can be moved up or down to support bottom of the sub-panel or enclosure.

  • Stand has wheels underneath that gives the stand mobility to move work closer to the machinery being wired and tested.

  • Small foot print allows the stand, and work, to be moved through standard walk through doors.

  • Small foot print takes up little room while wiring and when not in use can be stored easily in an unused corner of your shop.

  • Contact us for pricing and availablity.

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